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Looking for the best coding toys for kids? Discover our range of award-winning coding and programmable toys for kids that introduce early coding skills through fun, hands-on play.

Coding & Programming Resources

Coding & Programming Resources

Coding for Kids

Discover coding for kids with the Learning Resources® range of fun educational games and award-winning coding toys for kids. Each of these coding toys will teach early coding and programming skills through hands-on play. Discover the Coding Critters™ and Code & Go® Robot Mouse, the 100% screen-free coding toys for 4 year olds and up. Meet Botley® 2.0, the cool robot toy for kids aged 5+, and get creative with Artie 3000™ the drawing programmable robot toy that introduces programming languages including JavaScript and Python to children aged 7+.

The fun way to introduce coding and STEM learning

Learning Resources’ award-winning coding toys offer parents and teachers a fun, engaging way to introduce children as young as 4 years to computational thinking and computer science concepts through play.

Whatever your child grows up to be, learning coding fundamentals will give them practical experience in computational skills such as critical thinking, integral thinking and problem-solving, as well as developing their creativity and teamwork skills.

Start your child’s coding journey with Learning Resources and explore our range of the best coding toys for kids that will spark their curiosity and inspire their imaginations.

Find the best coding toy for your child

Coding Critters™

The preschool coding toy for fun learning through play.

Code & Go® Robot Mouse

Real STEM learning ideal for the classroom.

Botley® 2.0

The friendly, fun robot that’s perfect for home and classroom learning.

Artie 3000™

The creative way to learn real programming languages.

5 Ways Young Kids Benefit from Learning to Code

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