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Custom Product Enquiries

At Learning Resources we offer a broad range of over 1,000 proprietary educational toys, games and learning products for children from 6 months to 12 years. We serve both school and retail markets and as an ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’ specialise in creating innovative, custom-designed products for a wide variety of trade customers. We are able to adapt our products to different languages, design stand-alone or co-branded packaging and even add and subtract components to meet our customer’s requirements.

Our design excellence and quality management systems ensure that our exclusive products meet the strictest of global standards. Our industry knowledge and vast experience offer the security of knowing that we handle every detail of a project, with operational excellence from inception to completion. We can offer creative idea generation, sourcing and manufacturing, package design solutions and competitive pricing. Thanks to our global reach, we are able to ship from the UK, USA or Far East.

Areas of focus include:

  • Games and game components
  • Custom moulds for maths equipment and early years items
  • Activity books, cards and counters
  • Hands-On reading and maths accessories
  • Electronics
  • Publishing
  • Science Accessories

To discuss your requirements please contact us at sales@learning-resources.co.uk