Fine Motor Skills & Sensory Play

Explore our excellent range of top-selling products and award-winning sensory play resources such as Playfoam! Our toys, games and resources will ensure your child practises their skills for healthy motor and sensory development.

Fine Motor Skills & Sensory Play Resources

Fine Motor Skills & Sensory Play Resources

Our range of fine motor skills toys and sensory toys will enable children to perform crucial tasks with their hands. Such tasks can include reaching and grasping, moving objects and using tools. As their fine motor skills develop and their hand muscles get stronger, children get better at moving their hands, their hand eye coordination also improves, allowing them to start drawing and writing independently. With the right practice, many children will be able to use scissors and pencils as well as being able to work out buttons and zips by the age of three.

Fine motor skills can be tricky for children to master so it is important that they are practised. Our selection of toys and activities  that will develop fine motor skills ranges from sensory toys, tactile games and motor skills toys. All of our hands-on resources will enable you to keep early learners engaged, in addition to being ideally sized for little hands, perfect for preventing frustration!

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