These engaging, hands-on maths manipulatives are ideal for teaching numeracy through the Maths Mastery teaching method
The mastery approach to teaching maths involves three main elements: fluency, reasoning and problem-solving. It allows primary maths skills to be developed gradually through three different stages of learning (concrete, pictorial and abstract) as the children's knowledge increases.
Interested in learning more about Maths Mastery? Our in-house teacher and Educational Product Development Coordinator has written this blog post to help "What is Mathematics Mastery?"

Maths Mastery Resources

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Transparent Counters (Set of 250)
Measuring Worms™ (Set of 72)
Giant Soft Dot Cubes (Set of 2)
Giant Soft Number Cubes (Set of 2)
Grooved Plastic Base Ten Starter Set
Grooved Plastic Base Ten Class Set
Foam Dot Dice
Ages 3 - 7
Mathlink® Cubes (Set of 100)
Interlocking Plastic Base Ten Starter Set