Discover the fun with Stems: The Flexible 3D Maker Toy that will help encourage creative construction with endless possibilities!



Stems® The Flexible 3D Maker Toy

Stems® - One piece. Infinite possibilties


Stems is the incredibly flexible ‘maker’ toy that stimulates STEM learning through creative construction. Stems’ intriguingly organic-looking pieces join together naturally along their bobbly spine to create surprising models from jumping frogs and bouncing balls to vehicles. Tactile and brightly coloured, Stems’ possibilities are as unlimited as a child’s ingenuity or imagination.


Every Stem is exactly the same simple shape, they are so bendy that you only need this one shape to make pretty much anything you can imagine! Strong, lightweight and very portable Stems deliver long lasting play value as one bright colourful creation follows another. Order your STEMS today! 

Stems® Tub of 60

Stems® Tub of 20

A different toy everyday! What can you make with Stems®?

Make a Bird

Make a Ball

Make a Jumping Frog

Acrobat? Crown? Double Helix?
Download our Stems® activity sheets for more fun ideas

Order your flexible, fun Stems® today!

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