Sunrise Safari™
Sunrise Safari™
Sunrise Safari™

Sunrise Safari™

Item# EI-1759
Ages 4 - 7

A fast-paced game of observation

Improve visual recognition skills in primary learners with this engaging, meerkat-themed dice game.

  • Players roll their animal cubes until they can match the sequence on the challenge card
  • Game play develops reflexes as players race to be the first to complete the challenges
  • First player to match the challenge card squeezes Meeka the Meerkat and wins the round
  • Fast-paced game encourages observation skills as players match their cubes with the faces on the challenge card
  • Game box includes:
    • 16 animal face dice (four dice for up to four players)
    • 20 large, easy-to-see challenge cards
    • Four Safari cruiser dice holders
    • Meeka Meerkat squeaker
  • Challenge cards measure 12.5cm W x 12.5cm L
  • Features multilingual packaging and instructions

EYFS Reference:
Communication & Language – Understanding:  Follows instructions involving several ideas or actions

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